Mac Theme For Ubuntu 11.04

MacOS is always look great, with a simple design, good color combination and etc.

And today, I want to share how we can change our theme in ubuntu like a Mac.

Click for Tutorial :
1. Download Macbuntu-X Theme, Macbuntu-X Icons, Macbuntu-X Cursor, Macbuntu-X Sound, and Aurora
    2. Extract all to 1 folder
      3. Then press Alt + F2 => Type 'gksu nautilus' => And type your administration password

        4. And you may got a root permission, so copy aurora.jpg to /File System/us/share/backgrounds

        5. And the next step is. You install Mac theme to your Ubuntu
        Click for Mac theme :
        • Open System Settings => Appearance => Install => MacbuntuX-Icons.tar.gz

        • Open System Settings => Appearance => Install => MacbuntuX-Cursor.tar.gz

        • Open System Settings => Appearance => Install => MacbuntuX-theme.tar.gz

        •  And you may ask to apply background theme, you just click 'Apply
        6. And to change your sound theme. You have 2 ways to change it:
        Click for Sound :
        1. Press Alt + F2 => Type 'gksu nautilus' => And type your administration password => Copy folder MacbuntuX-Sounds to /File System/usr/share/sounds => Go to System Setting -> Sounds and choose 'Macbuntu' (With this way, I failed, but I success with the second way)

        2. And the second way is more simple Press Alt + F2 => Type 'gksu nautilus' => And type your administration password => Copy file in folder MacbuntuX-Sounds to /File System/usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo => Backup the basic sound to backup folder (Just in case you want to back to the basic) => And automatically your sound theme is like a Mac Sound theme

        7. And done! Now your Ubuntu is like a Mac, actually we must change our login screen, but I will give the tutorial on my next post!
          Thank you for visiting, that is the way that I has try and successful. For more way you can visit Macbuntu Remix 11.04   

          Update!: If you want to change your login screen you can see the tutorial on Mac Login Screen On Ubuntu

          Shutter (Screen Presso on Ubuntu)

          If you is the one who like Screen Presso in windows. We have shutter in Ubuntu, actually there is many program like shutter, but I feel comfort to use this program, and if Screen Presso we must buy to get the full feature, but shutter is free for us to get a full feature.

          Click for Screen Shot :

          Click for Install :
          1. If you're using Ubuntu 11.04 you just open Ubuntu Software Center and type 'Shutter'

          2. Or you can go to System Settings => Sypnatic Package Manager => and type 'Shutter'

          3. But if you want to install manually you can use this way
          Click for Manual :
          1. You can add a PPA to your system with a single line in your terminal. Open terminal and enter:
          2. Now, as a one-off, you should tell your system to pull down the latest list of software from each archive it knows about, including the PPA you just added:
          3. Install Shutter

          4. And done! You can use program like screen presso on Ubuntu.
          That's all for this tutorial, wish it will help you

          Inspired from: Shutter

          Angry Birds for Java Mobile

          I have a request from my friend, actually my friend has asked me so long, but i always forgot to post this, and now i want to post it

          If i have post about Angry Birds for PC a few days ago, today i want to post about Angry Birds for Java.

          Click for Angry Birds :
          1. First you just download Angry birds from Here
          2. Just install it normally on your Java Mobile
          3. And now, you can play Angry Birds on your Java Mobile
          4. Happy Playing

          Original: Remo-XP

          [HMBTN] Harvest Moon Back To Nature + Cheats

          Today I want to share about Harvest Moon Back To Nature. Of course we all know about this legendary game, even this game very simple, but many people love this game. And today I will share to play HMBTN in our PC

          Click for Harvest Moon :
          1. Download HMBTN from Here
          2. Extract all files that you download to some place
          3. Open folder 'Ps 1 Emulator' ==> and click ePSXe.exe
          4. You just click next config to setting up the configuration
          5. After that to play Harvest Moon, you just click File => Run Iso => Choose a file with extension .bin or .cue from folder 'Harvest Moon Back To Nature'

          6. Happy playing!
          And to if you want to cheat this game, I will give the tutorial too

          Click for Cheat :
          1. Download the PSX Emulation Cheater from Here
          2. Extract all files that you have download
          3. Open 'pec.exe' => Click 'User Database' => and tick '#Harvest Moon#SLUS-0010' => Ok => Send Cheats to Plugin

          Nb: You can add more cheats from cheat list that I has included in the file

          5. Now go to your Ps 1 Emulator => Config => Video => Choose psx emulation cheater 2.5
          6. After that you can play Harvest moon with cheat.
          7. Happy cheating

          Yaap, that's all the tutorial for today, happy playing and happy cheating

          Original: HMBTN Cheats for PSX

          Facebook Like Button

          I have a request from my friend, "How we can make a Facebook Like button" then today, I will give the tutorial about this

          Click for Tutorial :
          1. You open this site ==> and follow it step by step
          2. After that you open this site ==> and on 'Facebook URL' fill with the URL of your page
          *For Show faces (Photo of the Fan Page), Show stream (Stream profile of the public profile) and Show header ('Find Us' bar at the top. It is just possible if 'Show faces' and 'Show stream' is enable) it's depend on you. You want to enable this feature or not
          3. You can change for color scheme and the width
          4. If you've finished it, click on get code
          5. And copy - paste the script of 'XFBML' to:

          Click for Old Blog :
          Design => Page Element => Add Gadget => HTML/JavaScript

          Click for New Blog :
          Layout => Add Gadget => HTML/JavaScript

          That's all for the tutorial about Facebook Like, thank you for your visiting

          Origin: oyaoyiae

          Shortcut Virus[Part 2]

          If long time ago i has posted about Shortcut Virus[Part 1] today I will share the second part, Check It Out!

          Click for Identifying :
          1. At the first this virus will create main file database.mdb in My Documents
          2. Will create autorun.inf in all drives (Hard Disk, Flash Disk, Folder, etc) without exception
          3. Will create file Thumb.db (Watch out! This file is without ' s ' if the real file of thumbnail catch in our computer is using ' s ' is it like Thumbs.db) in every folder
          4, To make this virus more interesting for the target, this virus will create file Microsoft.lnk & New Harry Potter and….lnk in every folder, that if we click it, this virus will automatically activated.
          5. Will made a duplicate file in every folder, but this virus is not with extension .exe but .lnk (Shortcut)
          6. Have wscript.exe process that run in task manager, but on normally condition there is nothing  
          Click for Delete Virus Shortcut :
          1. Turn off System Restore
          2. End virus process wsrcipt.exe (C:\WINDOWS\System32\wscript.exe)
          You can use Task manager or misc on Hijack This 
          3. Delete file database.mdb in my documents
          4.Delete duplicate file of virus
          *You can use Search facility on windows to delete a file, and on 'More advanced search' tick on "Search system folders” and “Search hidden files and folders"

          What you must to do:

          *Search file with name autorun.inf (Size 8 KB)
          *Search file with name Thumb.db (Size 8 KB)
          *Search file with extension .lnk (Size 1 KB)

          Delete all file that you've found

          5. Delete registry autorun using Hijack This

          Find in HKCU\..\Run: that related with database.mdb


          That's all for this post, and once more big thanks i give to Binus Hacker For all they good post

          Anticipate Protection Website

          If my last post is about to Protect Our Blog From Copy Caters. Today i will share to anticipate this problem.

          Click for Anticipate :
          1. You can use right click (Work on Disable Ctrl + C - Ctrl + V not for Disable Right Click)
          Because if a page only protect from Ctrl + C - Ctrl + V you can still use right click.
          2. You can use Ctrl + C - Ctrl + V (Work on Disable Right Click not for Disable Ctrl + C - Ctrl + V)
          Because if a page only protect from Right click you can still use Ctrl + C - Ctrl + V
          3.  Print Screen (Work on booth problem)
          After you print screen, copy and paste it on Paint brush or anything else and save it with extension .tif  and using the facility of Recognize text using OCR, and then after the picture has changed to text, use send text to word.
          4. Disable JavaScript (Work on booth problem)
          Every browser have the own ways to disable JavaScript
          5. Save Page (Work on booth problem)
          After you save normally, now you can open the website on Offline mode, so the protection has no use again :D
          That's all for this post, and big thanks I give to Binus Hacker

          Protect Our Website From Copy Caters

          After long time i don't make any post, today i will post about How to disable 'Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V and Ctrl + T' and 'Right Click' in our blog I don't mean anything to post this trick, just for sharing

          Click for Disable Ctrl + .... :
          1. Go to Design => Page Elements => Add Gadget => HTML/JavaScript

          2. Write this code to the box below like on the Screen Shot
          3. And Click save

          Click for Disable Right Click :
          1. Go to Design => Page Elements => Add Gadget => HTML/JavaScript

          2. Write this code to the box below like on the Screen Shot

          3. Save it

          And if you want to read how we can anticipate if we meet website that use this protection, you can read Anticipate Protection Website Thank You