Delete windows.old Folder

Last week I just reinstalled my Windows 8 Pro cause I've got some problems on it, and after using 'Refresh' feature on my Windows 8 Pro

But what I got after reinstalling my Windows 8 Pro is windows.old folder which need so many spaces in my Local Disk: C

But, i did some surfing, I've got the answer that if I delete it, it doesn't have a bad effect for my Windows 8 Pro but, to avoid the effect, I deleted it using Disk Cleanup. The basic of Operating System in my tutorial is using Windows 8 Pro
Click for Tutorial :
1. Go to your Hard drive, where you installed your windows.
2. Go to manage => Disk Cleanup

3. Choose Clean up system files => Choose (tick) on 'Previous Windows installation(s)' => Delete Files, and wait until the process done.

4. And tadaaa, your windows.old folder had gone! You can free up so many spaces on your installation hard drive! ☺
And that's all for this post, thanks for visiting! ☻☺☻☺