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About Me

Who am I?

Who am I? Let me introduce you... My name is Muhammad Ihsan Fawzi, I just an ordinary boy who love freedom and everything about computer, and I keep learning and learning to increase my knowledge.
I’m still younger, when I launched this web blog on 2011. At that time I was 14 years old (

I live in a good family who love me, and they’re really care about me, they're the reason that I keep blogging, cause they always support me.

And if you ask about my hobby, I will answer it with playing computer, what I mea here is not playing a game, but it's about trying to make something with my computer (re: programming, coding, and something like that) and if I've got some problem,  I will try to resolve it by myself.

My friends say that I've a good sense at humor, I like swimming, watching TV, playing games (as a normal boy), read something that I can read, yeah and many more, like the other people.

Except I've got some skill at computer, I've a little bit interest with social life. I really like and enjoying to get a new friend. Because if I get a new friend, that'll be same with get a new experience.

Hmmm, maybe that’s all about me, if you want more about me, you can contact me from Here