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Football Manager Real Time Editor [FMRTE]

Whoaa as long this holiday, I've spent my time just playing FM12 (Football Manager 2012) actually, I've succeed enough without Editor. But when I'm going to the second session (Using Arsenal) one of my friends is FM addict to, and he told me about this Editor. What the function of this editor? Just check it out!
Click for Function :
  • Club Name
  • Club Reputation (Max: 10000)

  • Club Financial

  • Club Stadium

    • Player Morale and Player Condition
    • Player Contract (Renew, Decrease, Make It Expire)

    • Staff Contract (Renew, Decrease, Make It Expire)

    • Player Abilities (Freeze and Unfreeze is function to make that player abilities won't change in the future)

    • Match Preparation (How effective your tactic)

    And this is what you must to do before using FMRTE!
    Click for Start FMRTE :
    1. Load your game on Football Manager 2012
    2. Click 'Load Game' on FMRTE
    3. Search club or player that you want to modify.

    If you're FM Lovers and wanna try this one, you can download it from Here

    Pro Racing GT

    In the past I've posted about Chess and Cat vs Dog flash games. Now I'm back with Pro Racing GT game flash. check this out the screen shot
    Click for ScreenShot :

    This game deserve you a good flash game in racing, you can drift, race, and use your skill to drift, even this game isn't like Need For Speed exactly. Interesting? Click Here to play now ;-)

    Because this game is using Flash Player so you must have installed Flash player too to play this game using your browser


    Mysterious Queries In Google Search

    Who don't know Google? The most popular search engine. We usually use Google to find something. But do
    you know, that Google have some Mysterious Queries that we can use? Naah.... If you don't know, I will share it here ;-)
    Click for Mystery :
    1. Do A barrel roll

    Type Do a barrel roll ins search columns. It will make our page Google Roll 360º

    2. Google Gravity

    No gravity with Google? Whoaa, like in the moon, yaap that's right, because all contents in Google Hompage will fall down :O Just type Google gravity and click I'm feeling lucky.

    3. Askew

    Just type Askew, and maybe Google have an technical error then-__-

    4. Google Sphere

    Type Google sphere and click I'm feeling lucky. Your Google will have a cloud animation ;-)

    5. Where Is Chuck Norris?

    When you type Where Is Chuck Norris and click I'm feeling lucky. And this words (Google won't search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don't find Chuck Norris, he finds you.) will appear
    Enjoy playing with those command, actually there are still some again, but I think this is the better one :-)

    Original: Aneh Unik Konyol Lucu Ajaib Fakta dan Nyata &&&

    Ubuntu 12.04 [Precise Pangoline]

    Huh! Feeling bored to doing a final exam a few a weeks ago, and I still must doing placement test for senior high school where I want to continue my study. Makes me can't post something for long term, but finally. Today I have a time to posting something again! \:D/

    And in this post, I will share about Ubuntu 12.04 [Precise Pangoline] which actually has been released a few days ago. As we know, Ubuntu is one of operating systems based on linux. Ubuntu is a free OS and support to many kinds of PC or laptop.This is the reasons why we choose Ubuntu (Official Website)
    Click for Advantage :
    • Ubuntu is easy to use
    • It's easy to trial and install
    • It’s beautiful, stylish and fast 
    • Easily ask for Ubuntu Problem
    What's new on Ubuntu 12.04 [Precise Pangoline] version? (Official Website)
    Click for What's New? :

    The Head-Up Display (HUD)

    The new HUD gives you a fast alternative to the traditional, menu-based way of telling your computer what to do. Instead of clicking on menu items to give it instructions, you just tap the alt key to bring up the HUD and start typing what you want to do. You’ll then get a list of functions, without ever needing to know in which menu they live.

    The Video Lens

    The new Video Lens makes it easier than ever to find the videos you want to watch. Just click on the icon on the Dash and enter your text to search. Whether it’s stored on your computer, on YouTube or anywhere else, you’ll soon see a list of matching content.

    Ubuntu Software Centre

    The Ubuntu Software Centre gives you instant access to thousands of apps. You can see the top-rated apps, compare apps by rating and user reviews, keep track of what you've installed, and sync your apps between all your Ubuntu computers.

    If you're interesting with this OS, you can try it online from Here or you can download Ubuntu 12.04 [Precise Pangoline] from Here (32bit) / Here (64bit)

    ~Have fun with this OS ;-)~