Fake Login (Twitter)

Before i make this post, i just want to say, i make this post just want to share, and if you want to use it for doing something bad, i don't want to be responsible for the bad thing that you got if you use this to doing a bad things.

Okee, i have warned you before, and let's we begin the tutorial.
Click for Tutorial :
1. Download files of Fake Login from Here
2. Upload those files to a free hosting website (Example 000webhost *this tutorial* , ripway, or anything else)
3. I will give a tutorial for 000webhost
Click for 000webhost :
1. Open 000webhost => Click sign up

2. And you should fill all empty form

     Nb: You may wait max 24 hours for your domain to activate, but sometimes it will activate fast
            (Like my domain no need to wait, to my domain has acivated)

3. And how to make the fake login, just watch this video
Click for VIdeo :
And that's all for my post, hopefully you can use this trick with wisely, and once more, your problem it's not my problem, because in this post, i just want to share to you, happy faking :D
Click for Update 1 !!! :
Because now you can't use 000webhost I've another recommended hosting which is call IDHostinger the rest of tutorial is same above, you should sign up first (login if you already have one) and register a new domain + hosting, than upload your file in the "File Manajer 2". And, I've got a new login page style that looks better to caught the victim;) if you to download it, you can download it from Here

Note: Password for the WinRAR is information-computer

How To Remove Pop-Up Fake Serial Number On IDM

Have you ever got that annoying message which appear to let you know your IDM has registered with a fake serial number?

and today, I'd like to show you, how to fix it, just watch this video below!

Click for Tutorial :

I hope that video can help you, cheers!