C++ Project 2 : Make A Simple Currency Converter

C++ Project 2 : Make A Simple Currency Converter

Next post about C++ Project would be how to Make A Simple Currency Converter. Actually you can improve this code to make a simple menu, so there's not only USD to Rupiah only (because my original project only make a converter from USD to Rupiah). And, because it doesn't connect to any database or even update automatically, so you need to find out how much 1 USD to Rupiah or anything else and edit it by yourself.

Nb: All the source code and the screenshot of how the program will execute will be on the Indonesian Language, because its pure from the project I've done without editing the source itself. And application I used to programming was CodeBlocks using GCC Compiler.

Source Code :

This is the screenshot how this code will launch.

Yup, that's all for C++ Project 2 : Make A Simple Currency Converter post, if you've a question about this code and even how it works, you can write it on the comment, and thanks for your visiting!☺☻


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