C++ Project 1 : Looping to Get Some Results from Every Fill Number

Heyy guys, it's been a very loongg time, since the last time I posted here. College life is so busy (now I'm an Informatic Engineering student in one of popular university in Indonesia), Okay, back to the post, for the next several posts in this blog, the main topic will be C++ programming. These are the selected projects I did on the 1st semester.

C++ Project 1 : Looping to Get Some Results from Every Fill Number

the Project 1 about C++ will be about looping, and in this looping is, user will be asked about how many number that user want to fill, and user will input all numbers, then this program will show you the sum (Jumlah), average (Rata-rata), Min (minimum number), and Max (maximum number) from user's input,Below is the code for the Lesson 1, check it out!

Nb: All the source code and the screenshot of how the program will execute will be on the Indonesian Language, because its pure from the project I've done without editing the source itself. And application I used to programming was CodeBlocks using GCC Compiler

Source Code :

and then this is the screenshot how this source code will work.

That's all from C++ Project 1 : Looping to Get Some Results from Every Fill Number post, if you've a question about this code and even how it works, you can write it on the comment, and thanks for your visiting!☺☻