[FIX] Fake Serial Number on IDM 6.18

Long time I haven't update my blog, maybe it will be the last before doing final exam. Today, I'll post about how to Fix Fake Serial Number on IDM. When you're updating your version of IDM to newer version, it might cause your IDM giving a warn that you're using fake serial number, although it's not giving any impact, but every the pop up appear, it really disturbing. That's why I want to post about how to fix it. Check it out!

Click for FIX Fake Serial Number :
1. Download the patch and fake serial number removal from Here
2. After upgrading your IDM, patch it using IDM.v6.xx.release.3-patch.exe (Visit Internet Download Manager ~Full Version~ for more info how to use it)
3. Then open IDM Pop-Up Remover.exe => Click Patch

4. When appear that Can not find the file, click yes => Go to your IDM directory where you installed IDM, and choose IDMGrHlp.exe click open

5. DONE!!! Now the pop-up that shows your IDM Registered With Fake Number won't appear again (Cause I've already patch it before, so it appears that Patching Error)

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Note: Password for the WinRAR is information-computer 
Source: Tips Followers


Today is the day when BBM for ALL finally released, included for iPhone users. Before it released, actually blackberry has released BBM for iOS a month ago, only for a few hours available in app store, than blackberry pulled it back again. But now, blackberry has relaunched BBM for iOS again. And this is for the screenshot of BBM for iOS

Click for Screenshot :

If you want to download BBM for iOS you can download it from

Official Apple Store


Mirror download, click Here

Check Quality Of Your PC/Notebook Keyboard

Have you ever know how good or bad is your keyboard? If you haven't know, in this post I'll post how we check the quality of our keyboard, check it out!

Click for Tutorial :
1. Open notepad
2. Press both of shift button (On the right and left side.
3. Now type on the notepad with the condition you still pressed both of shift button "THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPS OVER THE LAZY DOG"
4. See how many character didn't appear. as many as the char appear, it shows that your keyboard has a good condition. And this is my keyboard condition

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Experience Index Editor

Hello everybody, now I'm back again with posting about Experience Index Editor if in the past I was posted about how to Change Score Of Windows Experience Index manually. Now I've found the easiest way to change our Score Of Windows Experience Editor

And if one of you interesting with this software which gives an easiest way to change your Score Of Windows Experience Editor, you can download it from Here

Note: Password for the WinRAR is information-computer

Original: Bunga Hitam

Enable Right Analog On FIFA 13

Holidayy has comingg!!! Now it's time to spend time with playing after fighting on Final Examination 3 weeks ago. And, I decided to choose FIFA 13 as my game for this holiday.

I'm really enjoying play this game, until when I played versus computer, they got penalty and I don't know how to take care of that penalty, soo I can't handle it anyway... After having some search on Google. I forgot what the site, I get the ways to handle penalty kick, and it using Right Analog of my Controller. But when I try to use my Right Analog, WTH? Why I can't use it. So, I'm searching again, How to enable Right Analog on Twin USB Controller and I got, I setup everything, and.... BINGO! It works! Now I'll share it how it is, CHECK IT OUT! ^_^
Click for Right Analog:
1. Download the file from Here
2. Extract your downloaded file
3. Go to 'fifasetup' folder => 'fifaconfig.exe'

4. On 'fifaconfig.exe' choose Game Settings => Controller. Setup your Button Control as comfort as you want. (If you need some suggestion, look at the SS on my blog ☻)

5. Go to 'C:\Users\(Your Username)\Documents\FIFA 11' or FIFA 11 folderon My Documents folder then copy both of 'buttonDataSetup.ini' and 'fifasetup.ini' file to ==> 'C:\Users\(Your Username)\Documents\FIFA 13' or FIFA 13 folder on My Documents folder. Replace if necessary.

6. Close program, open your FIFA 13
7. Enjoy handling your Keeper on penalty kick and having so many skill with your right analog enable right now! ^_^
Yaapp, now you can use Right Analog on your Twin USB Analog Controller ☺☻

Note :Password for the WinRAR is information-computer

Delete windows.old Folder

Last week I just reinstalled my Windows 8 Pro cause I've got some problems on it, and after using 'Refresh' feature on my Windows 8 Pro

But what I got after reinstalling my Windows 8 Pro is windows.old folder which need so many spaces in my Local Disk: C

But, i did some surfing, I've got the answer that if I delete it, it doesn't have a bad effect for my Windows 8 Pro but, to avoid the effect, I deleted it using Disk Cleanup. The basic of Operating System in my tutorial is using Windows 8 Pro
Click for Tutorial :
1. Go to your Hard drive, where you installed your windows.
2. Go to manage => Disk Cleanup

3. Choose Clean up system files => Choose (tick) on 'Previous Windows installation(s)' => Delete Files, and wait until the process done.

4. And tadaaa, your windows.old folder had gone! You can free up so many spaces on your installation hard drive! ☺
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Jailbroken iPhone!

Jailbreak.....Jailbreak.....Jailbreak. Okay. This is the word that not strange enough in iPhone user. Cause with jailbreak, we can use so many third party apps. Stop. I won't to tell you more in here, but just keep reading until end of this post.☺
Click for JAILBREAK! :
1. What is jailbreak? What's the function?

Ummm.... Well, honestly until now I can't explain with words too the meaning of jailbreak. But what I can get from my experience using my jailbroken iDevice (iPhone/iPad/iPod) is we can more explore our iDevice, get cool tweak apps, install Crack Apps (using Installous, App Cake, or vShare) make us easier to operate iDevice, download music directly (using Bridge), changing theme, and many more. Yeah, maybe from its name, 'jailbreak' which has mean we break the rules that Apple has create. Soo, jailbreak is the process to get freedom in our iDevice

2. Type of jailbroken iDevice

 1. Tethered Jailbreak: In simple way, we can say Tethered Jailbreak as "Unstable Jailbreak" why?
     cause with this type of jailbreak. Every we reboot our iDevice we need to connect our iDevice to
     iTunes on computer and repeat our jailbreaking process using the last tool that we used to jailbreak
     our iDevice. If we do not connect it to iTunes, our iDevice will stuck on Apple logo when we're
     rebooting our iDevice.
 2. Untethered Jailbreak: Its the opposite of Tethered Jailbreak. Untethered Jailbreak is 'Stable
     Jailbreak' cause using this type, we shouldn't connect our iDevice every time we reboot it, and we
     aren't wasting time to doing jailbreaking process again and again. Until now (iOS 6.1.2) we can doing
     Untethered Jailbreak through evasi0n

3. The weakness from jailbreaking

The weakness? Well, the first thing is we lost our iDevice guarantee, cause as you know that jailbreak isn't legal from Apple itself, so we will lost our iDevice guarantee. Second is....... we will lost iDevice stabilization, and when you install a application that causing crash with the other application, then you should disable that program first to make you can user your iDevice normally. And the last, when you got error in jailbreaking process your iDevice will totally die.

4. What you need to do before jailbreaking

To avoid error on your iDevice when jailbreaking. It's better that you backup your iDevice first or you can download the 'fresh' iOS from Here

5. Conclusion

So, what's the conclusion, is it better to jailbreak or not? You want to jailbreak or not it's depend on you. With jailbreaking your iDevice you can more free to customize it as what you like, but the consequence is when after you installed apps that crash with the other, you should tracking it one by one by disable it until your iDevice running well again.
And this is screenshot of my iDevice
Click for Screenshot :

If you have a question. Just leave it on comment. ☺

Change Score Of Windows Experience Index

You aren't confident with your PC Perfomance? You don't want your friends or  your colleague mocked at you 'cause you've got a bad score in Windows Experience Index? Okeeyy, it's no problem, because in this post I'll show you how to 'edit' score in Windows Experience Index, just check it out.
Click for Tutorial :
1. Go to =>
2. Click on => "2013-01-06 Formal.Assessment (Initial).WinSAT.xml"

3. Find this words. And change the score number as big as you want. ☻ hehehe

4. As you see, if you use all the numbers as mine. It will show like this in Windows Experience Index

5. Good luck to 'edit' your Windows Experience Index ☺☻☺☻

" 2013-01-06 " depends on when you launch the Windows Experience Index

Eusing Maze Lock

You are Android user? You should know about unlock your device using pattern, right? Now. With Eusing Maze Lock you can get feature pattern lock in your PC/Laptop. This software is support for Windows Xp, 7, and Windows 8 you can also manage how much the circle for the pattern combination. This is for the Screenshot, check it out!
Click for ScreenShot :

If you're interesting with this program. You can download it from Here