[FIX] Fake Serial Number on IDM 6.18

Long time I haven't update my blog, maybe it will be the last before doing final exam. Today, I'll post about how to Fix Fake Serial Number on IDM. When you're updating your version of IDM to newer version, it might cause your IDM giving a warn that you're using fake serial number, although it's not giving any impact, but every the pop up appear, it really disturbing. That's why I want to post about how to fix it. Check it out!

Click for FIX Fake Serial Number :
1. Download the patch and fake serial number removal from Here
2. After upgrading your IDM, patch it using IDM.v6.xx.release.3-patch.exe (Visit Internet Download Manager ~Full Version~ for more info how to use it)
3. Then open IDM Pop-Up Remover.exe => Click Patch

4. When appear that Can not find the file, click yes => Go to your IDM directory where you installed IDM, and choose IDMGrHlp.exe click open

5. DONE!!! Now the pop-up that shows your IDM Registered With Fake Number won't appear again (Cause I've already patch it before, so it appears that Patching Error)

Thanks for your visiting, cheers!☻

Note: Password for the WinRAR is information-computer 
Source: Tips Followers