Mac Login Screen On Ubuntu

As I have promised a few days ago in my post Mac Theme For Ubuntu, I will post about How to change login screen on ubuntu

1. Download Macbuntu-X Theme, Macbuntu-X Icons, Macbuntu-X Cursor
2. Extract all in one folder

Click for Tutorial :
1. Press 'Alt + F2' in your keyboard => Type 'gksu nautilus' => And type your administration password

2. Now copy Appearance from /usr/share/application and paste it into /usr/share/gdm/autostart/LoginWindow

3. After that, now you log out
4. Than when you have log out, the appearance view will appear
5. And if you want to have login screen as like Mac, you just install theme of Macbuntu theme, for the tutorial how to install it, you can view Mac Theme For Ubuntu
6. And done, your login screen like Mac

Original: Macbuntu Remix 11.04