Jailbreak iOS 8.3 , 8.4

Hey guys! Back again after a "few" moment without posting anything. Back to post, as we can see from the Post Title which is Jailbreak iOS 8.3 , 8.4 . Yup! Actually this tool was released a few weeks ago (Around 1 or 2 July 2015). This tool was released by TaiG. And today I will show you how to Jailbreak iOS 8.3 , 8.4 . Check it out!

Important! (1)
You should backup your iDevice using iTunes to your local drive before Jailbreak-ing it.

Important! (2)
You need installed iTunes 12.0.1 to make this jailbreak tools work (link below).

Things to do before Jailbreak-ing your iDevice
Click for Preparation :
1. Disable your passcode (Seting -> Passcode -> Turn it off) and autolock (Setting -> General -> Autolock ->Never)

2. Disable your Find My iDevice, ex: Find My iPhone (Setting -> iCloud -> Find My iDevice -> Turn it off)
If you've done all the preparation, now we can start to Jailbreak-ing process
Click for JAILBREAK! :
1. You need to download TaiG Jailbreak Tools first. You can download it from here (mirror v2.4.3) or you can download it from its website here

2. After you finish download TaiG Jailbreak Tools, run as administrator

3. Connect your iDevice to your PC, wait until TaiG Jailbreak Tools detect your iDevice

4. After your iDevice have been detected, don't tick on an option "3K Assistant" -> and click Start

5. Your Jailbreak-ing process is on progress. And keep your iDevice still connect to your computer until all the Jailbreak process done (It'll take about 10 minutes)

6. After the Jailbreak process done, your iDevice will reboot. And when it turns on again, you'll see Cydia icon on your home screen.

7. Open Cydia, and allow all the process that occurs on Cydia working to reorganize the Filesystem on your iOS. Don't interrupt the process, or you should restore your iDevice and repeat all the process again

8. After the process done, you'll restart your iDevice once again. And finally, your iDevice finally have been Jailbroken!
If you want to download iTunes, you can download by clicking this link (32 bit) (64 bit)
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