10 New Features on iOS 8

Several days ago, Apple had launched a new iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus, then Apple released iOS 8 a day after. iOS 8 which has a same UI with iOS 7 looks doesn't have any big improvements, but in this post, I'll tell you 10 New Features that Apple added to the New iOS 8. Check it out!

Click for iOS 8 :
1. Predictive Keyboard

The new features that came up with iOS 8 is the new Predictive Keyboard where the suggestion will come up as we're typing

2. Quick Reply

We can directly reply message that we received with swiping down the notification when it appears

3. Notification Center

Apple made some modification on its Notification Center. The modification makes us can rearrange the widget on Notification Center directly, and we can manage the notification that we received, which we want to reply, mark as read, or delete it

4. Accessibility Menu

We could find a new feature on this menu, which is called with Grayscale if we turned on this feature, the whole color on iPhone will revert to Gray Color

5. App Switcher

We'll see a new different UI on App Switcher. The new features that Apple added is, we can directly contact that recent we contacted them, or contact which placed on Favorite list

6. Spotlight Search

Swipe down on the homescreen, and you'll see that the spotlight search now has a full screen mode, which means, when we're searching something, it'll focus.

7. Zoom In

After apple made some modification on Accessibility Menu, then Apple made improvements on the Zoom In feature which is, when we're zooming something, it won't be a full screen zoom, a magnifier will appear that indicate the place where we're zooming, and many other features

8. Message App

Hold Microphone Icon to record, swipe up to send, and swipe left to cancel

Hold Camera Icon to record, swipe up to send a picture, swipe right to send a video, and release to cancel

On the Message App, we'll see a different things... First, you can directly send a voice note (by holding the Microphone Icon) and Photo/Video (by holding the Camera Icon.) After that, on the Details menu, Apple made several improvements on the UI beside that, we can see the attachment that we've already sent, and we can rename our Group Conversation.

9. Camera App

Apple's Camera Application has made some improvements too, for you who likes taking a Selfie Picture with many of your friends at the same time, now the Camera App has a timer function. and the second is, we can manage the brightness of our photo before we taking the picture

10. Photo Editor

Maybe, we'll not see much modification on Apple's Photo Editor, but Apple made some mods with adding a Light, Color, B&W features, and the second is, Apple made some mods on the rotate and crop function
Yeep... After Apple launched iOS 8. Let's see what Apple do on the next Macintosh Operating System, YOSEMITE !!!