Football Manager Real Time Editor [FMRTE]

Whoaa as long this holiday, I've spent my time just playing FM12 (Football Manager 2012) actually, I've succeed enough without Editor. But when I'm going to the second session (Using Arsenal) one of my friends is FM addict to, and he told me about this Editor. What the function of this editor? Just check it out!
Click for Function :
  • Club Name
  • Club Reputation (Max: 10000)

  • Club Financial

  • Club Stadium

    • Player Morale and Player Condition
    • Player Contract (Renew, Decrease, Make It Expire)

    • Staff Contract (Renew, Decrease, Make It Expire)

    • Player Abilities (Freeze and Unfreeze is function to make that player abilities won't change in the future)

    • Match Preparation (How effective your tactic)

    And this is what you must to do before using FMRTE!
    Click for Start FMRTE :
    1. Load your game on Football Manager 2012
    2. Click 'Load Game' on FMRTE
    3. Search club or player that you want to modify.

    If you're FM Lovers and wanna try this one, you can download it from Here


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