Download Torrent FIle Using IDM

In last 7 days. I really like to download torrent file. I don't know why? But I think, its make me easier to find something. For the first time I downloaded a torrent file. I still using µTorrent as my programs to download torrent file. But as long as I think. I need some improvement to my download speed. So, I try to find how I can download torrent file using IDM. And big thanks to this guy. Rifai who has shared his knowledge. :-)

Okey. Now I will show the tutorial how we can doing this thing. ;-)
Click for Tutorial :
1. First you must installed IDM first. If you don't have. You can read about IDM from Here
2. Just watch the video below it

Hope you enjoy your new download speed! ;-)

  • For the torrent source you can visit
  • For the website that makes you can download  via IDM is