Check Quality Of Your PC/Notebook Keyboard

Have you ever know how good or bad is your keyboard? If you haven't know, in this post I'll post how we check the quality of our keyboard, check it out!

Click for Tutorial :
1. Open notepad
2. Press both of shift button (On the right and left side.
3. Now type on the notepad with the condition you still pressed both of shift button "THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPS OVER THE LAZY DOG"
4. See how many character didn't appear. as many as the char appear, it shows that your keyboard has a good condition. And this is my keyboard condition

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Experience Index Editor

Hello everybody, now I'm back again with posting about Experience Index Editor if in the past I was posted about how to Change Score Of Windows Experience Index manually. Now I've found the easiest way to change our Score Of Windows Experience Editor

And if one of you interesting with this software which gives an easiest way to change your Score Of Windows Experience Editor, you can download it from Here

Note: Password for the WinRAR is information-computer

Original: Bunga Hitam