10 Popular Virus

Virus has give a big effect in our computer. From virus with extension .lnk until .vbs, and now i want to share 10 old popular virus for our computer.

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1. Pray

Local virus was created using Visual Basic. We found two variants of this virus, for variant Pray.A not have an icon, while for variant Pray.B use Windows Explorer-like icons. If your computer is infected by this virus, when the computer clock on the show at 05:15, 13:00, 16:00, 18:30, or 19:45, the virus displays a message reminding the user to prayer.

2. Explorea

Viruses that are compiled using Visual Basic comes with a size of about 167,936 bytes, without being compressed. Using the standard Windows folder icon similar to defraud victims. This virus will attack your Windows Registry to change the default open of some extensions like .lnk , .pif , .bat, and .com. At the infected computer, in times when certain error messages sometimes appear, for example when opening the System Properties.

3. Hampa

Viruses are also created using Visual Basic and had a folder icon has a size of about 110,592 bytes, without being compressed. Lots of changes he made ​​in Windows, such as the Registry, File System, and so forth, which can even cause Windows can not be used as appropriate. On computers that are infected by this virus, when you start Windows will display a message from the virus creator.

4. Code Red

Code Red shows itself on July 13, 2001, by attacking every server that uses Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). Worm or virus takes advantage of the open space on the IIS System. Also known as Bady, the virus is designed to inflict severe damage, being able to perform Denial of Service attacks on the IP-specific IP, so not surprisingly capable of causing damage to hundreds of trillions of dollars, and in less than a week the 400 000 server successfully conquered by this virus.

5. Nimda

It was also the year 2001, the opposite of the word "admin". It spreads very rapidly, according to TruSecure CTO Peter Tippett, Nimda only takes 22 minutes to make into the Top Ten at the time. It target is server 2 Internet, spread over the Internet. Nimda will make back door into the OS. so an attacker can access to the server and do anything Nimda also a DDoS.

6. CIH

Detected in June 1998 is also known by the name Chernobil virus, capable of causing losses to 800 billion rupiah. CIH virus attack any files. Exe on computers using Windows 98 operating system, Windows 95 and Windows ME to be his victim. Once your computer is infected, the virus will continue to keep silence in memory, so the result each time you turn on the computer, the virus will always be active. Not only that, the CIH virus able to cause your computer will not boot, because all the system files have been too overwritten by the virus. But now, for users of Windows 2000, Windows XP or Vista, the virus is no longer a threat.

7. SQL Slammer/Saphire

Appeared in January 2003, quickly spread via the Internet. At that time Bank of America ATM service makes a crash, the collapse of Seattle 911 service, and Continental Airlines canceled some flights due to error check in and ticketing. Make a loss of more than $ 1 billion.

8. Blaster

Capable of causing losses to more than 100 trillion more, detected in 2003 also known as Lovsan or MSBlast attacked thousands of users of Windows 2000 and Windows XP all over the world via the Internet or network traffic.

9. Melissa

Friday March 26, 1999, The Melissa virus was the topic everywhere because it infects every PC that uses Microsoft Outlook. This virus could spread quickly because once the victim's computer is infected, Melissa automatically sends itself (in the form of file attachments. Doc) to 50 addresses found in the contacts in Microsoft Outlook. Once the victim opens the file. Doc, then automatically switches the Melissa virus. From Intel to Microsoft and several other major companies that use Microsoft Outlook, until forced to shut down their email systems, to prevent the further spread of this virus. losses incurred so fantastic because almost reach 6 trillion rupiah.


Was first detected in Hong Kong on May 3, 2000, causing losses which was fantastic because hampis reach hundreds of trillions of rupiah. Created by using Visual Basic Script, the virus is so seductive because it spreads via email with the subject "ILOVEYOU". You must be curious about it if you receive an email with frills "ILOVEYOU", and the virus takes advantage of all your curiosity, because once you open the email, the virus automatically infects your computer. Once your computer is infected, the virus automatically sends itself to all addresses found on the contact in Microsoft Outlook.Virus is also known as Loveletter and The Love Bug.
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