Download Youtube from Mac

When I try Mac for the first time, I have asked to myself. "How I can download video from youtube?" If in Windows and we use Internet Download Manager we can download the video from any website automatically. And how if we use Mac? And we want to download video from Youtube? And after I try many ways. I found the good ways. And I would to share it with you
This is for the example if we want to download from YouTube

Click for Tutorial :
1. Open youtube normally ( with safari
2. Choose video that you want to watch
3. And if you have choose that, just play normally
4. Then, if the video has play, you can wait until it finished buffering, or you can directly download it
5. On Menu bar click Window => Activity
6. Activity pop up will show up => Find an address of video that you just play in time => And click triangle icon to expand the activity
7. Find the content that you want to download (Normally the file size is big)
8. You just double click, and your video will download by Safari Downloader automatically
9. Happy youtube-ing and happy download-in

Hope my tutorial will help you

Nb: I'm sorry I can't give the ScreenShot.


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