Hack warnet

Hey guys, I’m is the newbie one in the world of blog, but I hope everything it’s okay.

In this post I want to tell you how to hack Cafe without any additional programs, we just need a program like Ms. Office (anything), WordPad, and the easy one we can use the basic program from windows, that is Notepad, ok, let’s begin the tutorial.

Click for Hack Warnet :
What you need:

1. Money only Rp. 1000 (for the first login)

2. A plain face (we will use if the operator know what we do)

3. And the last is a program what I typed at the top

Click for Program You Need :
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1. Login to the computer like normally

2. Open the one of program I’ve write at the top

3. Write something, and we logout again from the account, BUT DON’T EVER CLOSE THAT PROGRAM THAT YOU’VE WRITE SOMETHING

4. And power off the computer, and everything will close except the program that we’ve open, and if have a popup appear that you want to “Save, No, or Cancel” click on the cancel button, than you can browse anything as long you want.
Okay, that is my tutor, is very simple right? But I don’t want to responsible if you guys get the problem with the cafe operator.

~Good Luck~


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