PS2 Emulator (Completed)

I want to share about PS2 Emulator, anyone know about this emulator right? If someone don’t know, I’ll tell shortly about the PS2 Emulator

PS2 Emulator is the emulator that we can play a PS2 games in our PC
After I tried to find about this topics in ‘Mbah Gugel’ I found the one I thought is the good one
And this is for the tutorial
Click for Tutorial :
1. Download the program from Here
2. And for tutorial, you can see from this video
Click for Video :
Actually you can play using .iso file just change the option on CDVD (menubar) and choose the 'iso' option
Easy right? Okay, Enjoy it ~Good luck~  

For tutorial how to use UltraISO premium click Here Enjoy it
Update 2!
Due there are some problem with the link, you can't download it. But I will as soon as possible to re-upload it, after doing UN, thank you ;-)


  1. where we can download game pcsx2?

  2. @Anonymous: You can download it from or but if you have Ps 2 disc game. You can use it too