Box On Our Blog

At that time I’ve share about Spoiler In Our Blog today I will share about Box on out blog
Sometimes when we surf on internet and get in to a website, we see a text in the box like this

Click for Example :
Example word in a box
How it will happen? Actually this is very easy, it same with my post about Spoiler In Our Blog we only edit the code of HTML when we want to post

Click for Box :
1. When you want to post just go to ‘Edit HTML’ tab


2. And copy this code
<p style="border-right: #6c7a7d 1px inset; padding-right: 30px; border-top: #6c7a7d 1px inset; padding-left: 30px; margin-left: 20px; border-left: #6c7a7d 1px inset; margin-right: 70px; border-bottom: #6c7a7d 1px inset"><font color="#ff0000">Example word in a box</font></p>

That’s all for the tutorial, I hope it will useful for us

~Good Luck Open-mouthed smile~


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