Dangerous Of Keylogger

It’s my fifth posts, and in this post I will share about “Keylogger”

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KEY LOGGER (keystroke logger) DEFINITION

Is a program that runs in the background (Background), recording all the buttons. Key Logger once executed, will automatically hide in the machine to record all data or transmit data directly to the owner of the Key Logger.

Owner Key Logger then reads the data obtained by carefully in hopes of finding the password (Password) or possibly other useful information that can be used as Social Engineering attack. Key Logger can be categorized simply as Thieves Hack Tool Information. For example, Key Logger can reveal the contents of all e-mails written by the victim. Key Logger Program usually found in rootkits and trojans.

Key Logger works for the record (record) all activities of computer users to take data input via keyboard characters used by the user. So if a user typed the word "All About Computer" through the keyboard will automatically Key Logger will record it on a LOG file with the data "All About Computer".

Actually, keylogger not every time is a bad think, with keylogger, we can use it to recover our data It means you can just type in something when all of a sudden your typing software is damaged or not responding, and you lose your typing results. You've tried to recover (If we use Ms.Word), but not everything can be managed to your rescue. Now with the keylogger you can restore your hard-earned results of typing. You can also use a keylogger to supervise your child's activity when using computers. For example certain sites that you are forbidden to open. Surely keylogger which is equipped with this facility.

Is the positive thing from keylogger

But many people use for a criminal action, like what I said at the top, so I’ve got the solution for us, if we don’t want our PC infected keylogger, we can use the program like deepfreeze or cleansheat or norton goback or ghost ath the first we installed our OS.

You can download the example of Keylogger from Here but this keylogger has been detected by NIS 2011
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(Inspired from Binus Hacker)


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