Smadav [Black List]

For Smadav lover, actually you must know about 'Black List' condition right? Yapp, Black List condition is when we are going to update our smadav, but our smadav is registered with 'Fake' serial number, and with automatically, our smadav going to black list version. But, I have a some tricks how to resolve our smadav have been registered as black list condition. Just check it out
Click for Resolve :
1. Exit smadav. Find smadav icon on system tray => Right click => Exit
2. Go to C:\Windows\System32\ and find PIR?SYS.DL and delete it. If it doesn't exist, just skip to the next step
3. Open Registry Editor (Windows button + R => Type 'regedit') and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER –> Software –> Microsoft –> Notepad (Or, after you opened Registry Editor, you just press 'CTRL + F' and find for 'lfPitch?ndFamily') => Delete "lfPitch?ndFamily”, “lfPitch?ndFamily2?, and “lfPitch?ndFamily3? (Delete all keys that have lfPitch?ndFamily)


4. And now you just check your host on C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc (you must have an admin control to change the contents) => Delete '#' => Save (If it doesn't exist just ignore it)
5. And now open your smadav again, TADAA, your smadav doesn't registered as black list again :D

Yup, that is for my post today, and hope will help you guys ;) see you :D