Mediafire Block Access From ADF.LY

I'm surprising enough when I visit my favorite site Remo-XP and read the newer article from that site, suddenly I open my web blog too, and..... Yap the article from that site is right, now WE CAN'T ACCESS MEDIAFIRE FROM ADF.LY Oh my god, and directly I read the article from my favorite site again, and fyuuhh, there is way to resolve that problem, but.... I mean with 'resolve' is not with replace all of my links to the another Uploading sites, but is how we can still use that link, just check it out.
Click for Resolve :
When you want to open download link from mediafire, but it must through from, you just need to grab the picture of After we wait for 5 seconds, there will appear 'ADF.LY' picture, and you just grab it to your address bar, this is for the screenshot

Yap, that's all for my short post, hope it will help you, if you got the same problem with me :')

Original: Remo-XP