Anticipate Protection Website

If my last post is about to Protect Our Blog From Copy Caters. Today i will share to anticipate this problem.

Click for Anticipate :
1. You can use right click (Work on Disable Ctrl + C - Ctrl + V not for Disable Right Click)
Because if a page only protect from Ctrl + C - Ctrl + V you can still use right click.
2. You can use Ctrl + C - Ctrl + V (Work on Disable Right Click not for Disable Ctrl + C - Ctrl + V)
Because if a page only protect from Right click you can still use Ctrl + C - Ctrl + V
3.  Print Screen (Work on booth problem)
After you print screen, copy and paste it on Paint brush or anything else and save it with extension .tif  and using the facility of Recognize text using OCR, and then after the picture has changed to text, use send text to word.
4. Disable JavaScript (Work on booth problem)
Every browser have the own ways to disable JavaScript
5. Save Page (Work on booth problem)
After you save normally, now you can open the website on Offline mode, so the protection has no use again :D
That's all for this post, and big thanks I give to Binus Hacker


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