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I have a request from my friend, "How we can make a Facebook Like button" then today, I will give the tutorial about this

Click for Tutorial :
1. You open this site ==> http://adf.ly/2ofQ8 and follow it step by step
2. After that you open this site ==> http://adf.ly/2ofRC and on 'Facebook URL' fill with the URL of your page
*For Show faces (Photo of the Fan Page), Show stream (Stream profile of the public profile) and Show header ('Find Us' bar at the top. It is just possible if 'Show faces' and 'Show stream' is enable) it's depend on you. You want to enable this feature or not
3. You can change for color scheme and the width
4. If you've finished it, click on get code
5. And copy - paste the script of 'XFBML' to:

Click for Old Blog :
Design => Page Element => Add Gadget => HTML/JavaScript

Click for New Blog :
Layout => Add Gadget => HTML/JavaScript

That's all for the tutorial about Facebook Like, thank you for your visiting

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