Crime Life 2

It feel so long, that I can't make any post about game, but tonight, I will make some post about game with name Crime Life 2. Crime Life 2 is game like a GTA, but this game is not to gain much memory of our computer, even this game isn't need much memory, but I think is good enough for you, to try it. And this is for the screen shot
Click for ScreenShot :

If you're interesting, you can download the game from Here and in that download package, there have a file with .txt extension, and in that file you can find a some cheat for this game

~Happy playing~

Note: Password for the WinRAR is information-computer


  1. Blog walking :D Kayaknya lumayan neh buat netbook gw ..

  2. Thank you bang :)
    Hahahaha, silahkan cobaa :) nanti bakal banyak nge-post soal game nih, hehehe (y)