Mac Transformation Pack For Windows 7

If long time ago i posted about Mac Theme For Ubuntu 11.10 and Mac Theme For Ubuntu 11.04 today i will post about Mac Transformation Pack For Windows 7. Actually there is so many Transformation Pack, but i thought is the best one, so check it out guys! :D

Click for ScreenShot :

Desktop View

 System Center


Control Panel


And this is for the tutorial to use Mac Transformation Pack

Click for Tutorial :
1. Download Mac Transformation Pack from Here
2. Extract all files
3. Launch 'Lion Skin Pack 12-X86.exe' and you install like normally (You can choose a program that you want to install)
4. Reboot your computer (Required)
5. After that launch 'leftsider.exe' it makes your Caption button (Exit, minimize, maximize) on the left side
6. For make our Windows 7 like closer with mac, we must have a space for the dock. So download Additional Files from Here
7. And for tutorial how to use a  'reserve space for dock.hss' you can watch this video

Click for Video :
Yap, that's all for the tutorial, hopefully will help you if you're a Mac Addict (Like me) See you! :D

Because the link above was dead, i have re-upload the file, and i added a new RAR theme package that will make our RAR files look like RAR files on mac. You can download the file from Here :D

Note: Password for the WinRAR is information-computer

Update 2!
Because the file has removed from indowebster, for a few week, you can't download this file. But I will re-upload it as soon as possible after I'm doing UN. Thank you ;-)

Update 3!
I've re-upload it, like my promise before, and I've added more features, like the newest Finderbar (Really close with mac Finderbar) and font of Finderbar. To install both of them, you just double click, and you can download it from Here. Thanks for your patience :-)


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