Enable Right Analog On FIFA 13

Holidayy has comingg!!! Now it's time to spend time with playing after fighting on Final Examination 3 weeks ago. And, I decided to choose FIFA 13 as my game for this holiday.

I'm really enjoying play this game, until when I played versus computer, they got penalty and I don't know how to take care of that penalty, soo I can't handle it anyway... After having some search on Google. I forgot what the site, I get the ways to handle penalty kick, and it using Right Analog of my Controller. But when I try to use my Right Analog, WTH? Why I can't use it. So, I'm searching again, How to enable Right Analog on Twin USB Controller and I got, I setup everything, and.... BINGO! It works! Now I'll share it how it is, CHECK IT OUT! ^_^
Click for Right Analog:
1. Download the file from Here
2. Extract your downloaded file
3. Go to 'fifasetup' folder => 'fifaconfig.exe'

4. On 'fifaconfig.exe' choose Game Settings => Controller. Setup your Button Control as comfort as you want. (If you need some suggestion, look at the SS on my blog ☻)

5. Go to 'C:\Users\(Your Username)\Documents\FIFA 11' or FIFA 11 folderon My Documents folder then copy both of 'buttonDataSetup.ini' and 'fifasetup.ini' file to ==> 'C:\Users\(Your Username)\Documents\FIFA 13' or FIFA 13 folder on My Documents folder. Replace if necessary.

6. Close program, open your FIFA 13
7. Enjoy handling your Keeper on penalty kick and having so many skill with your right analog enable right now! ^_^
Yaapp, now you can use Right Analog on your Twin USB Analog Controller ☺☻

Note :Password for the WinRAR is information-computer