How to Activate Microsoft Windows / Microsoft Office via Skype

Hi there! I'm coming back with a new interface on my blog! Today topic is How to Activate Windows/Microsoft Office via Skype. Activation method using Skype is the permanent activation for our Windows or Microsoft Office product. Even though this method is harder enough. And today, I want to show you how to activate using this method.

1. Microsoft Windows
Click for Activate via Skype :
1. Change your Windows License to RTM key
2. If you were already installed VL key, you can change it using Command Prompt (run as administrator) =>
slmgr.vbs /ipk "Windows Retail Key"

3. Next, on Command Prompt, type
slui 4

4. Choose United Kingdom => And It;ll show your Installation ID

5. Open skype, and call +448000188354 next you should type what man's voice say to continue to Microsoft Product Activation

6. After you passed that, you'll hear woman's voice, hear the instruction there (Choose number "1" for home user. Than you press hash key "#" and start typing your Installation ID next on the question "How many computer you want to use it?" press "1" wait a minute while your Confirmation ID being generate. Next you can write down first your Confirmation ID on other paper, or you can write directly on the Confirmation ID section. (After you press next when you were on Installation ID)

7. Click on Activate Windows
8. And TADAAA!!! Your windows has successfully being activated!!!

2.Microsoft Office
Click for Activate via Skype :
1. Disconnect from Internet
2. Open one of Microsoft Office application (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. I prefer for Word)
3. Click on Enter a product key instead Insert Volume Key for Microsoft Office and click install
4. Choose I want to activate the software by telephone next, and it'll appear block the Installation ID and Confirmation ID block
5. You'll see the Installation ID
6. Reconnect to Internet
7. Then for the step on Skype same exactly when you're activating Windows
8. Activate Office, and it'll ACTIVE PERMANENTLY!

Sorry if I'm not including picture on the tutorial for Microsoft Office.
For you who wants the Retail key for Windows 8.1 you can Click Here 

Password: information-computer

Source: Semua Full Version 


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