Phising For Love

Valentine: Love. That's all what we think about that word, but, actually many phisher that use this condition to make you him/her victims.

And in this post i would like to tell you how to being save.

Click for Save Steps :
Use a reputable, paid dating service – Famous brand names are an easy security win. They’ll have secure websites and the paid subscription should deter some trouble makers. The large user base will help you find your match too!
Think carefully about your profile – Make sure that you’re not revealing anything that you don’t want to in your profile. Details such as your salary and phone number are things that you don’t need to be sharing in public and could make you a target for scammers.
Take Your Time- Most dating services come with some sort of communication system, be it chat, video, email or phone call. There’s no need to hand out your phone number any more, your matchmaking service can help you protect you and your identity. Don’t rush into something headlong; think about what you are comfortable with.
Use your profile inbox - Emails asking to “reset your password” or “confirm your details” could easily be from scammers posing as official emails from your dating service. These days most services come with profile emails allowing you to contact other members and for the site itself to contact you. If you’re worried about the authenticity of an email, check your profile’s inbox before giving away any information.
That's all about my post, and hope you will be save, in 'Love' date ;)

Original: AVG Blog


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